Fast and Fun Stencil

I figured out this very fast way to make and cut a stencil using my sewing machine.

Fast cut stencils and fabric prints

Then using textile or acrylic paints to make a print on fabric. Maybe you have a quilt with solid alternate blocks, this could be a fun way to add a bit more to those blocks and something more to quilt around. I hope you’ll watch the video and comment.

Fast cut stencils and fabric prints

Next I think I’ll try using these stencils ( and the pieces that are removed) on my Gelli Arts Print Plate!

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5 Responses to Fast and Fun Stencil

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  2. Sandra W. says:

    Finally had time to sit down and watch the video. Very creative. I think it’s something I can manage. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Darlene says:

    Great idea!

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