Not So Close to the Vest

I found some old photos of a few vests I made, taken before I owned a digital camera; the photos aren’t the best but I thought I would share them anyway. It was when I was going through my Seminole period! One was just an experiment in curvy piecing, though I’m pretty sure I hand appliqued it together!

curvy vest

All of the vests are made from a basic commercial pattern (sorry can’t remember which company; it is was ages ago) but the front and backs designs are my originals. They included lots of tiny Seminole work, a pieced cockatoo (sort of), some raised and folded pleats held down by a few hand embroidery stitches. Some were included in the fashion exhibit at a local quilt show, some were gifted, I sold and even wore a couple. They were a learning experience…I learned I may never want to make another vest!


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  1. Joanna says:

    Oh my, I remember wearable quilting books that featured vests like these. I even bought a book on seminole piecing, but never did any. I think you would have worn them with a denim prairie skirt.

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