Painted Sky Fabric and Winners!

If you left a comment for the fabric and Oceanscape top giveaway, thank you!

The winners are…

Karen G. won the Woods fabric piece.

Hand painted fabric Woods

Carol in AK won the Sky Over Oceanscape.

Sky Over Oceanscape

Congratulations! Please email your mailing information to me at

Below is my latest painted sky fabric. I’m editing the How-to paint this sky fabric video now and should post it next week. The hill/mountain pieces are only being auditioned here (not sewn or fused yet), and on the right the pieces have been darkened in Photoshopped.

Which landscape do you prefer?

I hope you will follow along, and remember there will be another giveaway in February.

Stay safe and well.

By Ann Scott

I started sewing and designing using fabric, thread, and paper when I was a child. I taught myself to make quilts, at first not following the "rules," then watched some experts, learned the rules, and made many hand quilted and appliqued quilts. I spent years focusing on miniature landscape quilts. Now I am a fiber and mixed media artist and that encompasses everything I have a passion for. I have taught, lectured, and my work have show nationally and internationally, some pieces have been published.


  1. To me, the mocked up landscape on the left says sunrise, while the one on the right says sunset. So, I like both versions, but think they will give different effects.

  2. I agree with you. In the actual photograph I was using, as a bit of a reference, the foreground is silhouetted against the sky, I do like that contrast.

  3. Ditto Joanna’s opinion. I was ambivalent about which one I preferred and went back and forth between the two. Each would be the centerpiece for a totally different mood, but for me, the sunrise might be easier to work with.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit I still like both. I guess I’m going to have to paint similar sky so I can actually stitch one of each, lol.

  5. I like both, but prefer the one on the right with the darkened hills. They give more attention to the beautiful sky.

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