Always Ideas

I’m getting ready to teach a class on Sunday, these are strange times to be teaching live, but I really am looking forward to it.

As promised I have a new video. It seems the more I play with ways to get paint onto fabric the more ideas I get, and for me ideas lead to more ideas to try.

I’ll be announcing a new giveaway in October so if you are interested I hope you’ll stop by. For now enjoy the video, I hope it gives you some new ideas.

4 thoughts on “Always Ideas

  1. Joanna Mack

    Love projects where I already have all the ingredients. Have you tried printing on paper? Or what about colored/printed fabric? Can’t wait to see the finished owl. Thanks for filming your process.

    1. Ann Scott Post author

      Thank you. I did lay paper on after printing the fabric a couple of times, for a ghost print, but not specifically for printing the paper. That didn’t work; unlike a gel print plate, the paper bag, and I suspect fabric, held on to/took too much of the paint. I like your idea of printing on already colored/printed fabric. I guess it would act as the wash fabric before brayering the print. I have ideas for the owl, we’ll see if it works. I appreciate you watching the video, your comments, and for always giving me more ideas!

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