Fire season and machine quilting…

About four years ago I figured out that ideas were moving into my brain faster than the hands could work them out. So I took the leap from hand quilting purist to machine quilting adventurer.

I rediscovered the piece picture below, in a cupboard recently. It was one of the first pieces I played with using free motion quilting. It was quilted on my Janome made Kenmore (still a great work horse machine at an affordable price – I own two) It was during fire season (A much too long season around here). Unfortunately it is that season again and every time there is smoke in the air and the sirens of fire trucks, a sad sick feeling comes over me. For me there is nothing better for feelings of concern or anxiety than to push a fabric sandwich under the needle and go! Gardening works too but it is too hot out there for that.


For this piece I used textile and acrylic paints on a piece of Pima cotton, creating a whole cloth. I don’t remember having a specific idea but as I look at it now I think flaming trees must have crossed my mind. Next I went to the machine and free motion quilted all over the surface. Not especially good free motion quilting – remember this was a first attempt. I think I went into the room where my men were, held the piece up and said “I just did this, do you know how long it would have taken me to do this by hand?!”  Needless to say I was hooked and now I primarily quilt using my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen (which I love!).

Detail 1
Detail 1

If you would like to machine quilt, whether following a seam, marked line or free motion, I would say just jump in. Don’t worry that your stitch length may not be perfect. It doesn’t matter unless you are entering competitions and if that is the case your stitches will become perfect the more you do and work at it. I hear so many people say “I want to machine quilt but…” What’s stopping you? Just go for it. I’ll bet you will surprise yourself and ask why you waited so long.

tree detail2
Detail 2
tree detail3
Detail 3

There is a wealth of information and many fellow quilters to encourage and address any trouble you may run into.

And don’t worry, you won’t be betraying the traditional quilter, there is plenty of room for all of us to make this world more beautiful in our own quilty way!

Quilting (and Painting) Away,


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Art at Visions

For new friends who live out of town and so aren’t able to make the Supporting Roles: Fiber and Photography exhibit at Visions Art Museum, here are a few of the pieces in the exhibition. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them. All of the photographs were taken by my son, Cameron.

Hole 15
Hole 15
This one has it all – Painting, patchwork and lots of free motion quilting.
4. goose at cuyamaca
Goose at Cuyamaca
This is one of my favorite photographs.
5. awaiting occupation
Awaiting Occupation
6. shore bits
Shore Bits
Can you see the glass beads sparkle in the sand?
9. leaf
This is where it all began
low tide
Low Tide
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The fiber before the photograph

Here is a tease for a new piece in the Photograph and Fiber series. It is a painted whole cloth. Now the quilting begins. When it is finished and I know where it is headed I’ll post it again.

The Path
The Path
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Visions Art Museum

Last Friday evening my son, Cameron, and I attended the Open House at Visions Art Museum, Liberty Station. We had a wonderful time talking with visitors about art, fashion, and photography.
I’m looking forward to the Opening Reception for this exhibition which includes our Supporting Roles: Fiber and Photography as well as Second Time Around: Fashion Recycled (which is a fun and creative display of the work from twenty one talented designers). Also on exhibit is Fashion Tops and Bottoms Member Challenge, a display of twenty eight 12″ x 12″ art quilts. The Opening Receptions event will be June 15 ~ 5-7pm. $5, Visions Members Free
For more information visit the Visions Art Museum‘s website.

This is my Fashion Tops and Bottoms entry, which I’m pleased to say has already sold. Thank you to the buyer! 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my quilt benefit VAM.

fashion tops bottoms 2013
Fashion Tops and Bottoms
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Elements and joy!

Trying to capture, in an art piece, the shadow, light, texture, reflection and essences of my surroundings is a challenge I enjoy. What have you captured in your art?

front fountain 2
soup 1
Can you guess what this is?
succulent pitcher best
succulents 1a
5x7 seaport village1
seaport ladder
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I’m fortunate to have a very supportive family. Both of my (adult) kids are visual artists and so there is a lot of art talk flying around here. Even if they aren’t keen on my newest project they chime in and show an interest.

Lenny by Tyler Scott
Lenny by Zoey Scott

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Incredible Edible

I happened upon an old photograph the other day, a reminder – Years ago my family and friends (an artsy and creative bunch!) would hold theme parties called Incredible Edibles. The idea was to bring something that was indeed visually incredible while at the same time edible. I don’t remember very many of the creations though I do recollect the “Leaning tower of pizza” which was a tower several personal size pizzas tall, that really did lean. Then there was something that resembled road kill made of mashed potatoes, ketchup, and meatloaf (I don’t recall eating that or maybe I just blocked it from my mind!). Around that time I was teaching my miniature landscape classes, so of course, my contribution was… a totally edible landscape, complete with trees and a lake. Fun and tasty too.

Edible landscape
Edible landscape

Have you made something out of the norm that was incredible and edible?

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