Fabric is Just a Different Animal

There is just something about working on and with fabric that I love. As I have mentioned before – generally painting on fabric is more challenging than on paper, especially when trying to achieve a watercolor effect. Paint doesn’t move much, if at all, when placed on dry fabric. Even wet on wet has limited movement when the surface is fabric, and there is no “lifting” the paint once it is down. I like all of the challenges and exploring ways to produce pleasing fabric and art despite them. And sometimes it seems that the planets align and there’s a surprising outcome. That was the case with my elephants and they (along with a nice photo) became a Photograph on Fiber series piece.

Textile paint poured & tilted  on fabric. The elephants just happened!
the elephants detail
The dimensional leaves are painted and cut Lutradur
elephants photo fiber
Elephant photograph taken by D & A Guild while traveling in Africa

Pieces from my Photographs on Fiber series will be on Special Exhibit at the 2016 San Diego Quilt Show . I teach a 15 lesson course at Curious.com/fiberdesignsbyann on how to make a framed version Photograph on Fiber pieces.

3 thoughts on “Fabric is Just a Different Animal

  1. Joanna

    I love that you took a happy accident and made the whole fabulous piece about elephants. And the leaves break up the edges so wonderfully. I hear you about watercolor effects on fabric. Even when wet the fabric just grabs the paint and doesn’t let it move around.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Thank you. If there were no challenges a lot of fun experimentation would never happen! BTW, I think your Morse Code piece, from your blog today, is so cool. I think the background fabric is perfect.

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