Harvest Art

Still waiting for Fall after the 90° Thanksgiving and realizing December is almost here!

This turkey was created for my grandnieces (7 and 6) who had a good time coloring them during our Thanksgiving family gathering.

I gave them each a plain turkey sheet along with one with this MeAnndered turkey below. It was interesting to me that they both (on their own) selected the plain one to color-in. These are very active little people and it warmed this great-aunt’s heart that they wanted to sit and color on them at all! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful.

Printable versions of these turkeys are available on my Patterns tab here on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Harvest Art

  1. Joanna

    If I had colored markers I’d go for the Meanndered bird, but the plain would be easier for crayons. At age 6 and 7 I got dumped in the back yard or in the finished basement with my cousins and told to stay out of the way. By age 10 I was promoted to gravy stirrer. Alas, no kind relative made us special crafts.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    I gave the kids color pencils, crayons and markers. Usually they like markers but crayons won for this project (probably because of the large spaces to fill in). When I was a child there were many cousins and like you, we were sent out from under foot. The family isn’t producing kids like it did back then. If they don’t have a project these two enjoy climbing on second cousins or uncles… The projects are very much appreciated!

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