Taking a walk…

One of my “kids” had an appointment and the other was going to the zoo to take photographs so I tagged along. I walked through Balboa Park which is where our world famous zoo is, stopping at the reflecting pond, it was nice to see this artist painting.

It was a beautiful day and the flowers were blooming pretty.

Looking back toward the artist

Speaking of flowers; here is a detail peek of my painted quilt (lighting not so good, sorry). See a reminder of what it looked like before it was a painted quilt.

2 thoughts on “Taking a walk…

  1. Joanna

    I enjoyed wandering through Balboa Park the one time I was in San Diego, many years ago. You S. Californians get spoiled with blooming plants almost year round. Right now I’m swooning over my lilac bush that’s bursting with blooms. And that painted quilt, can any of the original fabric be seen at all?

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Things are different around here this year in part because of all the rain we had. More green, more birds, more butterflies, and more bugs! On the lower portion of the quilt, which didn’t show in that photo, some of the design/print from the original fabric does show through. If I hadn’t already submitted a photo to an art call I do believe I would paint it more so that it did not show. But that is the area my daughter pointed out when she was telling me how much she liked it… Go figure!

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