Doggy play day!

Sometimes it is good to just create something for fun – no rules and no deadlines! So I grabbed a greeting card my daughter designed years ago and used it to make a pattern for a little art quilt. Today I’ll post the first three steps and when it is finished I’ll post it again.

I used a piece of my hand painted sky fabric for the background.

slobbery prior to stitching
Fused no stitching (At this stage it looks like a polar bear to me)

I draw outlines on a piece of Sulky Super Solvy water soluble stabilizer and used KK 2000 temp spray adhesive. Then I free motioned sketched stitch the details.

slobbery prior to pastel
Stitched before wax pastel

Then using Caran d’ Ache water-soluble wax pastels, a paint brush and water, I added some highlights and shadows. I think I may hit the eye reflection with a dot of white textile or acrylic for a bit more spark.

My daughter says it’s better than her original but I like it just as much!

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Watercolor washed rubbing…

You may have read on one of my earlier posts that we have leaves stamped into our patios and that I have used them as inspiration for some of my art.
Below are the steps to creating what will be a small art quilt OR a piece that could be incorporated into a larger piece. I used a piece of Pima cotton, watercolor (actually Jacquard Textile paints, thinned), water-soluble wax pastel, and bit of painted gauze.

step one
First lay the fabric on top of the imprint, hold securely or tape, and rub with the wax pastel almost parallel with the surface.

step 2

Next heat set it using a hot iron.


Using thinned textile paint, “wash” the paint color over the design.


I was trying to add more depth with the dark but did too much.


Luckily it dried much lighter and presented me with an opportunity to try and alter it by adding another layer – this time using painted gauze.


The gauze covered some of the dark areas and brought in another element and textured layer.


Because I’m pretty sure I’m going to quilt my pieces I like to add dots when painting the background, giving me something to quilt around.

I’m pleased with this piece and will post it again when it is finished.

rubbing top fin

I hope this gives you some ideas to try and I would love to see what you come up with!

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Comfortable pedal placement…

I finally discovered a set up for my sewing machine pedal, that is comfortable to me and wanted to share it in case it would help any of you. I know there are no-slip pads (I have one) and other ways to set the sewing machine pedal, like wearing heeled shoes or turning the pedal around but none of these worked for me and after hours of machine quilting I would have a very sore knee, even the next day.

Finally I placed a piece of 1” thick packing foam up against the back end of the pedal, extending it past the length of my foot (it’s kind of a cross between Styrofoam & foam rubber, it has a little give but mostly firm support). I can move my foot up and down on it and my entire foot is supported on the foam and pedal. I can quilt (and sew) for hours now and there is no strain on my leg or knee.

Easy on my knee pedal setup
Easy on my knee pedal setup

The box is only there because my patchwork of carpets overlaps in that area but it too keeps the pedal in place. I do keep my other foot slightly elevated which helps keep my back and hips straight.

Disclaimer – Though this has worked for me, I give no guarantee that it will for anyone else.

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