Art in the Park

I’m happy to say two of my Photographs on Fiber pieces have been juried into Mission Trails Regional Park Art in the Park event. I may be even happier that two of my son’s photographs were juried in as well!

This Art in the Park event is always great fun, from fantastic hors d’oeuvres, wine, and music to the wonderful and varied works of art. And, of course, it is a beautiful space and Foundation well worth supporting.

I hope to see some of you there, but if you can’t make the event the artwork (that doesn’t sell) will be on display through November 6, 2015.

This is Sunset… it didn’t make the cut but that is okay because it is my Mister’s favorite and hangs above his desk.

Hand painted whole cloth, machine quilted. Photograph by Cameron Scott (my son)
Hand painted whole cloth, machine quilted. Photograph in the piece and of the piece by Cameron Scott (my son).
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Excited Over Small Things

The other day I spotted a large bright green spider on the trumpet flowers in our back garden.

lynx spider

At the time I wasn’t sure what type of spider it was so I got my phone to take a photo and just as I did a Skipper butterfly landed near the spider. I was so excited to have captured two little creatures in my shot! Then when I was sharing the photo with my guys we noticed a grasshopper in the picture too… How cool was that!

lynx spider and friends

I was surprised to realize that the spider was a Green Lynx because the artwork below hangs right next to my desk. There on the flowers is a Lynx spider. But in my defense the one in my garden was a lot bigger!

Wonder from my Photograph on Fiber series
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The Sky is not the Limit!

I still get excited every time I get a chance to paint fabric. After I figured out that I could paint my own sky fabric I wanted to try more fabric painting and surface design techniques. Now, years later, I still want to learn more. Here are a couple older pieces that have skies I’m quite pleased with. Sadly they would be impossible to recreate by hand!

From the Woods

Speaking of skies… Below is the view from our dining table at a restaurant on our recent trip to Sin City. We were indoors. I thought it was so nice of them to bring a little nature into the grandiose, man-made, decadent surroundings. I couldn’t help but enjoy that sky since it was over 100 degrees outside!

Indoor sky
Indoor sky

Muraljoe is one of my favorite muralists and — though we can learn a lot from people who paint scenes on walls and ceilings — fabric is a different animal and there is definitely a learning curve! Have you conquered the curve? Do you paint fabric?

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Conditioned Response

While vacationing my husband and I visited the beautiful Red Rock Canyons, a fellow tourist pointed out a roadrunner near some parked cars. It was neat to see a roadrunner but curious that it didn’t appear too concerned that people were nearby. As we watched him, my husband said “He is picking the bugs off of the bumpers of the parked cars.” Sure enough, it seems that roadrunner knew that if a car pulled up, tasty morsels were being delivered!


When I see something that (for me) is unusual, like the roadrunner, I often look to other artists to see what they have made using that subject as inspiration.

Judith Roderick is an artist whose work includes painting silk items, art quilting, and embellishing with vintage, shell, and stone buttons. Below is Judith’s award winning “Roadrunner” art quilt. Judith told me she sees a roadrunner in her yard fairly often. So it is no surprise that the roadrunner has appeared in a few of her quilts through the years. I love how she has used all sorts of buttons on this piece. More of Judith’s wonderful work and insights may be found her website – Judith Roderick

Roadrunner by Judith Roderick. Used with permission
Roadrunner by Judith Roderick. Used with permission

I’ll be sharing more from my Red Rock trip in the future. Have you ever made an art piece featuring a roadrunner? If you have I hope you’ll share.

“Roadrunner” a digital drawing by my son.
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Back and Forth

I’m back but going forth! Though I haven’t posted for a while I have been in the studio working on online lessons for and a few other things. The wheels are turning with new ideas and projects I want to make. Now I’m getting ready to leave for a little R&R with my Mister, which may be hard to get with projects looming in my brain. But I look forward to peace and quiet.

I know I will be doing a lot of walking while away because that is what we do – self guided tours of wherever we go. Last week Mister and I were taking a morning walk and just as a large dark shadow passed overhead I heard a little splat sound. Bird plus splat usually equals something messy on a hat or shirt. But not this time. I looked down and rocking on the ground was a tiny egg shell. I suspect that dark shadow flew off with breakfast, dropping the empty shell as it escaped. The “Circle of Life” always makes me a little sad! Anyway I leave you with this art piece, yet to be quilted… What do you think about this tentative title –  “The Watchers”?

The Watchers All my hand paint ed fabric plus painted fusible fence boards
My hand painted fabric and painted fusible for the fence boards.
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