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Poinsettia Wall Hanging

poinsettia wall hanging finished

I’m happy to let you know that my video – “How to Make a Painted and Quilted Poinsettia Wall Hanging”  is up on YouTube! It is three videos that include thirteen sections from how to stiffen the fabric, to painting and quilting, to attaching the branch for hanging. I used the quilled fabric beads from my previous video lesson for the poinsettia center.

I hope you will check out my YouTube channel and take a look at my new and older videos. And if you do – Thanks for watching and thanks too for visiting my blog.

Quilting and Painting Away, Ann

Poinsettia Painting on Fabric

I’m working on some new online lessons which will include handmade fabric bead flower centers, free motion quilted poinsettia, and painting the poinsettia. Each of these techniques is accomplished using fabric treated with Terial Magic spray stabilizer. Here is a sneak peek of the poinsettia in progress.

Poinsettia on fabric
Poinsettia on fabric

I look forward to sharing more about this project with you soon!

More fun with quilling fabric

I made more coils and left them tightly coiled instead of making flowers. Then I turned them into a coil mosaic. I’m still fine tuning this process. The fabric is first treated with Terial Magic (TM) which makes the fabric stiff like paper.

These are the loose coils… aren’t to cool!

The trick is to use the right amount of glue (glue sticks haven’t worked for me). I am using regular white Elmer’s School glue. The glue needs to make the fabric moist enough the stick to itself. The moisture in the glue will cause the TM to be removed in the area the glue is applied (just a dot) but that is good because then the glue will allow the fabric to stick to itself. Once it has dried (only take a few seconds) the fabric will be stiff again in that area. For the coils with the pink and yellow light centers I glued two different fabrics together. The light centers are fabric I hand painted but the darker fabric is just a mottled, multicolored piece I dyed using Procion MX dyes. Cutting into 1/8″ strips. The multicolored fabric caused the color change in the darker coils. I really like the contrast in the coil where I started with the very light fabric.

Quilled fabric coils applied to a ceramic tile

I have always made mosaic art by cutting glass, tiles, or paper. This is my first project using treated fabric and I know I will be making more and adding them to my other fiber art. I hope you will give it a try, it’s a blast!

Fabric Quilling

I seems to have taken a detour which means I started working on something I didn’t plan to. Before I get back to where I should be going, which is creating a new mini landscape, I thought I’d share this. I treated some of my hand painted fabric with Terial Magic, a neat spray that makes fabric stiff until it is rinsed out. For this project the Terial Magic will not be removed.

This is my first, uneducated attempt at quilling. Quilling is a technique that uses paper strips to make coils and other decorative pieces. I figured if my fabric could be made stiff like paper I could use it in place of the paper. It was very fun and it could be addicting! Have you Quilled?

First attempt. I like the leaf. The strip was cut 1/4″ wide. Usually 1/8″ wide is what is used. I used a tooth pick instead of the Quill tool (but one is on order!)… Breaking all the rules!
See the fabric a little better.
pink yellow flower
I’ll be sharing how this fabric is painted in the near future. Strips cut 1/8″ on this one.
I used my fancy rotary cutter, cut an angle and ended up with this little rosette… not something a “real” quill artist would probably do.