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Love a Parade?

We live in the city but we are part of a couple smaller communities whose business district has for the past 11 years held a Halloween parade know as the Boo Parade. It runs down “main street” which really isn’t … Continue reading

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Sky watcher

We have a second story bedroom with a deck. There are no plants or furniture on the deck. It is south facing and the sun beat on it all day long so no need for places to sit or sun … Continue reading

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Painted Fabric and a Binding Question

Yesterday I started the day by painting fabric, then I did a bit of quilting and worked on another lesson for my up coming course and I did do a few of those pesky household chores. Those are some … Continue reading

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Fall, Food, and Specialty Fabrics…

Fall seems to bring out the cook in me, even though we haven’t had much Fall yet. A couple of days ago I made soup and yesterday I made calzone because we’ve had a bit of reprieve from the 90 … Continue reading

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Ornery and a Little Gross

I can be ornery sometimes. I should preface this with a little back story. My husband is a mountain biker and the day before his 60th birthday he (who thinks he is still 29) took a spill (he crashed) on … Continue reading

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Quilts, Respect, and the Art Quilt part 2

I received wonderful responses from the art quilters I contacted with the three questions I posed in my last blog post. There is a great variety of styles between them and their answers are informative and thought provoking. I want … Continue reading

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Respect and the Art Quilt

After viewing pieces included in the Akron Art Prize venues, The Snarky Quilter posed this question on her blog:  “Do quilts still get no respect in the art world?” Here are my thoughts… First, I would say quilts get less … Continue reading

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I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines. If not for deadlines I probably wouldn’t have finished many of the art quilts I have started. But I also (gently) kick myself when I don’t get a piece finished by a deadline. … Continue reading

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