It Was A Trip…

It was a quick trip with a lot of driving and walking (lots of photos taken from a moving car!). We had a nice visit with loved ones, including our new fur baby niece.

The Mister walking Lucky

As with most of our road trips the scenery was beautiful. Thankfully during this trip we weren’t driving through snow, though we did see plenty on the higher mountains, some even next to us just off the roadside.

Of course, I live in what has been deemed (by some) the best weather place in the world (which explains the cost of housing and the number of people living on the street, but I digress), and so as I have mentioned before; I don’t do “real” weather well at all.

We lucked out on the days we hiked we didn’t get rained on.
There was a lot of inspiration for my upcoming tree trunk painting video lesson…

art quilts and other mixed media are too…

The ten hour drive home – started at 41°, at about mid-way it was 82° and at home a lovely 71°…started in mukluks and ended in flip-flops!
I’m always glad to be home safe and sound, even if the air isn’t as fresh as it was there amidst the trees!

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Road Trip!

My Mister and I will soon be heading out of town on a short road trip. I will undoubtedly take photos of the scenery on our drive and walks (we walk a lot!). In the past, road trip photos have inspired many mini land and waterscape quilts. Here are a couple made long before digital cameras (so the old photos were scanned). Now I primarily use my own painted fabrics but these are completely made of commercial fabrics, though I did add a little purple the right most foreground rock in the canyon piece, to darken it up a bit.

There are a couple reasons I like these two pieces. One is the sunlight peeking over the canyon mesa and in the waterscape, it may be hard to tell, but the water looks to be falling like a short waterfall. This was early on in my miniature landscape quilt career and I would probably make them differently now days… for one thing they were all hand appliqued and quilted!

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie over at Creations where many other artists share there wonderful talent and inspiring quilts and fiber art. I encourage you stop by and check them out.

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Creating Fabric

Now that I’m creating mini landscape elements using all white fabric I thought it would be fun to take another look at this video where I did paint the sky on white fabric, otherwise I altered commercial fabrics with a bit of paint and lots of thread play. Still one of my favorite pieces…

I’m linking up to Nina Marie at Creations; where wonderful things are shared and many other talented creators may be found!

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Stretcher Frame and Sky Painting

I’m working on my upcoming mini landscape series (tree trunks, rocks, land, water and sky) and constructing the stretcher frame was the first item on the list. Here is my How-to video for the stretcher frame and a quick sky painting video too. The “real” sky painting lesson will be a bit more in-depth and coming soon.

Three simple landscapes with my painted sky (and two water) fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested and do watch the video/s I appreciate it!

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Loving Flowers and New Videos…

Just some Springtime fun!


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Well, I’m editing videos, or at least I should be. The more I learn about this editing software, the bigger the learning curve seems to become!

So this is my little diversion. The spring flowers we have come across on our morning walks lately have been beautiful.

This is my first attempt to create this opium poppy in fabric. I like the edge on the center petal best, which was created by using fancy blade paper scissors (that didn’t like cutting fabric). The outside edge was just cut with regular scissors. I think I need to combine the two and cut a few individual petals out for better layering. In my button box I found clear buttons, I painted the back side and thought they worked pretty well for the center. I have some better ideas for making more, but this was a fun diversion.

  When I make more I’ll share how I actually “painted” and made the flower… Hint: I used this –

flexible conduit connector

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Talk and Share

I spent a nice evening with a local quilt guild sharing ideas and fiber art.

Thanks to Lois H. guild Historian for taking photos

I like to encourage people who don’t think they are artist enough to create original fiber art to just layer and drop paint, marker and pen marks on white fabric, then use a search frame to find something wonderful! Next add stitches by hand or machine for great cards and mini abstract art pieces.

I was surprised by a guild member who shared the waterscape she made in my Miniature Landscape class way back in 2004! She was determined to use that water fabric which, to my surprise, work in this great little scape.

The most fun was when greeted by many members who had either taken one of my classes, or knew me way back when we took Adult Continuing Ed classes together or they had volunteered at the San Diego Quilt Show in the Quilt Sales booth, where I had been chairperson.

I was told members were inspired to try some things that they hadn’t thought of. That makes me so happy because… that’s what it’s all about!

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Spring and Stuff

I’m once again behind on posting, no surprise there. I’m getting ready for a talk and fiber art/quilt showing for a local guild that I’m really looking forward to and I’ve been busy with the prep.

We have had beautiful spring weather days and it is important to take a break once in awhile so… A friend and I walked about 2.5 miles to pick up some fresh eggs and we got to see their chickens. I really like chickens; maybe because I’m a framer’s granddaughter or more likely because I have never had chickens! And I think there is just something about chickens and quilting that goes together. I have wanted to paint and quilt a chicken whole cloth for some time now… okay, another idea for the list. They are so cute and I love the sounds they make!

I have videos waiting to be edited (remember the hoop painted landscape? They’re stitched.). I’ll post the videos as soon as I can.

Linking to Nina-Marie’s Creations, where more wonderful art and links may be found!

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Escape with Thread Play

I finished the machine embroidery/thread play on the (once was) all white fabric landscape and I’m pretty happy with the results. You will, I’m sure, notice I have take artistic liberties; Don’t try to figure out what kind of trees, leaves or flowers those are!

Here are side by side pics of the piece; On left the before fusing/embroidery/thread play. The pieces were just placed on my design table so the arrangement may be slightly different. I also dusted some of the pieces with a bit more wax pastel before stitching.

I have always found it a challenge to stitch on my hand painted skies because I think they look better before, but it’s an art quilt so I stitch! Now I’ll have to decide if I want to satin stitch the raw edge and add batting, another layer of felt or cotton and quilt it, which would add more depth to the tree trunks and rocks, OR if I will move on to making another one which I will video as I “paint” each element for my series of lessons. Either way I’ll share it here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Free-motion and painting videos!

I have published a couple new YouTube videos. One is free-motion quilting a simple tree and the newest is a mini painted landscape (from previous post) that will be stitched in a later video or two.

If you take the time to watch them I truly appreciate it. If you enjoy them please comment, give them thumbs up and subscribe!

Free-motion quilting a Tree –

Fabric Painted Landscape in a Hoop –

Thank you!

Quilting and Painting Away, Ann

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