I made a little canvas for my niece; Thanksgiving and her birthday fall on the same day this year. The kitty design is one I used in a small art quilt some time back that was published in Quilting Arts magazine. The photo isn’t great, the kitty is actually in black marker (on my monitor it looks blue). Hand made flower stamp and the end of a chopstick used to make the dots.

Painted fabric, marker, stamped and wrapped around a 4″ canvas.

I want to do more little pieces like this and add some stitching, it was really easy and fun.

I hope you do whatever makes you happy in the coming holidays and I thank you for stopping by my blog.

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Loss and Moving Forward

The past couple weeks have been challenging. On a somewhat happy note, I celebrated a big birthday. On a not so happy note, I completely messed up my blog but thanks to tech support I’m back up and running. And a very happy note, I’m looking forward to giving a talk for a local guild later this week.

But on a sad note, my dear sister-in-law left us.  Though she was a nurse by profession, she and her husband traveled the world and she was a very talented photographer. I may have posted these in the past but in memory of her I post them again. She gave me the three photos in these pieces just for me to see, saying “they weren’t especially good” but I still found them inspirational and I’m so happy I could use them in my art.

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A Challenge with Hand Embroidery

I remember about ten or fifteen years ago getting rid of my hand embroidery materials/tools. When I was young I hand embroidered everything! But then I became a quilter and wouldn’t be creating hand embroidered piece anymore. Fast forward to 2017 and I was buying back all the tools I use back then. I think now that I primarily machine quilt I’m enjoying the comfort of the slow rhythm of hand embroidery once again.

After embroidering on a quilt (I’ll share in a future post) for the San Diego Quilt Show quilt challenge ; the theme being “Wild, Wild, West” I kept going and made this hat for the block challenge.I first draw the  hat on paper, then scanned it into Adobe Illustrator, made it a vector and resized it. I applied white fabric to an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of freezer paper, pressed very well and sent it through my laser printer. I heat set it and hooped it up.

When the embroidery was finished I hand appliqued the underside and the entire hat this a pretty mottled “batik.” And to my surprise I won a Viewer’s Choice second place ribbon!
I’m going to ask our historian for a photo of the exhibit; I believe there were fifteen hat block entries… I did a quick walk-by but was pretty busy and didn’t see most of the show and so didn’t take photos outside my booth.

Do you hand embroider? What floss do you used and do you wrap your hoop?

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San Diego Quilt Show

I’m recovering from the quilt show where we had near 400 quilts in the general display and over one hundred quilts for sale in our Quilt Sales booth. I had help from some awesome volunteers, members of SDQS (who are also volunteers!), and from my patient husband (who has helped me with this show for many years). Quilts were on the drapes, on the tables and on hangers… It was a lot of quilts! About a third of the quilts and a pillow in this booth sold.

Because the theme for this show was Wild, Wild West, I designed a turning display rack using chicken wire; my husband build it to display my “For Sale” artwork. Then our daughter said…“You have to put a chicken in there!” so… As with the quilts, SDQS receives a small percentage of any sales.

I’ll share some of my other items in future posts but for now here are my coiled fabric bottle cap magnets which are located on the metal circle on the chicken wire display . I had a bunch of fabric coils left from other coil projects and this was a good and fun way to use them!

I was pleasantly surprised to have won a second place ribbon for a piece I entered in the “Hat” block challenge. I’ll share that and my challenge quilt in the next post.
Until then, quilt away!


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Quilt and Painted Fabrics

I haven’t posted for awhile in part because of a queen size quilt. As a member of San Diego Quilt Show, I volunteered to make one of nine quilts for our 2018 charity;
Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station. The quilts will be on the beds and at the end of their transition each warriors will take their quilt with them. This is the second time SDQS members have made quilts for this organization.
It had to be an approximate queen size and I discovered that as far as large quilts go I’m very rusty! First of all, I’m not a fan of making red/white/blue color themed quilts or of making traditional patterns anymore. So the entire time I fought with myself and I’ll confess that I made more mistake (big mistakes!) on this one quilt than I think I have made in my entire quiltmaking life!

quilt pieces playing on the bed

I wanted to use fabrics I already had but I didn’t have any appropriate prints and because I paint most of my fabric now I didn’t have much period, so I did end up buying some. When it came to the lights I decided I would paint my own fabric. The circles on the left were made using a dauber tapped in Jacquard Lumiere textile paint on a white, tone on tone (with tiny dots) fabric. I like how the tiny dots show in the larger gold dots. The red swirls were a homemade stamp and I didn’t love the results so I sewed up a star stencil (see how-to video) and stamped over the swirls. I made a wavy stripes stencil the same way and applied that over fabric I had splatter/spray painted. The tiny rings were made using an eyebrow pencil cap tapped in more Lumiere.

The tiny red flower fabric blossomed… It was just going to be tiny red flower but it needed the blue center dots and then it needed a little gold… and still there was too much white was showing through        so I tapped all over with the end of a small paintbrush dipped in more blue. Finally I was pleased.The top is finished and I’m happy with it. I have to piece the back and find a local, kind and generous longarm quilter to quilt it. I’ll post more about this adventure later and share the finished quilt… a deadline will make that happen! Hopefully all of the quilts with hang in the show in September.


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It Was A Trip…

It was a quick trip with a lot of driving and walking (lots of photos taken from a moving car!). We had a nice visit with loved ones, including our new fur baby niece.

As with most of our road trips the scenery was beautiful. Thankfully during this trip we weren’t driving through snow, though we did see plenty on the higher mountains, some even next to us just off the roadside.

Of course, I live in what has been deemed (by some) the best weather place in the world (which explains the cost of housing and the number of people living on the street, but I digress), and so as I have mentioned before; I don’t do “real” weather well at all.

We lucked out on the days we hiked we didn’t get rained on.
There was a lot of inspiration for my upcoming tree trunk painting video lesson…

art quilts and other mixed media are too…

The ten hour drive home – started at 41°, at about mid-way it was 82° and at home a lovely 71°…started in mukluks and ended in flip-flops!
I’m always glad to be home safe and sound, even if the air isn’t as fresh as it was there amidst the trees!

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Road Trip!

My Mister and I will soon be heading out of town on a short road trip. I will undoubtedly take photos of the scenery on our drive and walks (we walk a lot!). In the past, road trip photos have inspired many mini land and waterscape quilts. Here are a couple made long before digital cameras (so the old photos were scanned). Now I primarily use my own painted fabrics but these are completely made of commercial fabrics, though I did add a little purple the right most foreground rock in the canyon piece, to darken it up a bit.

There are a couple reasons I like these two pieces. One is the sunlight peeking over the canyon mesa and in the waterscape, it may be hard to tell, but the water looks to be falling like a short waterfall. This was early on in my miniature landscape quilt career and I would probably make them differently now days… for one thing they were all hand appliqued and quilted!

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie over at Creations where many other artists share there wonderful talent and inspiring quilts and fiber art. I encourage you stop by and check them out.

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Creating Fabric

Now that I’m creating mini landscape elements using all white fabric I thought it would be fun to take another look at this video where I did paint the sky on white fabric, otherwise I altered commercial fabrics with a bit of paint and lots of thread play. Still one of my favorite pieces…

I’m linking up to Nina Marie at Creations; where wonderful things are shared and many other talented creators may be found!

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Stretcher Frame and Sky Painting

I’m working on my upcoming mini landscape series (tree trunks, rocks, land, water and sky) and constructing the stretcher frame was the first item on the list. Here is my How-to video for the stretcher frame and a quick sky painting video too. The “real” sky painting lesson will be a bit more in-depth and coming soon.

Three simple landscapes with my painted sky (and two water) fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested and do watch the video/s I appreciate it!

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Loving Flowers and New Videos…

Just some Springtime fun!


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